In January, 1979, Mr. Oliver Downs saw a need for the local groups in the Tidewater area to unite for the common goal of spreading the gospel in song. Five local groups were present at the first meeting and all agreed that by binding together we could more effectively spread the gospel. The name Tidewater Gospel Music Association (TGMA) was selected and our first slate of officers were; Doyle Taylor - President, Virginia Eason - Vice President, Lloyd Hershberger - Treasurer, Pat Hutchens - Secretary, Ken Channell - Chaplain, J.C. "Blackie" Spangler - Public Relations/Radio, Don Bathe - Public Relations/Media.

TGMA has had several campground sings, benefit sings for TGMA members, as well as members of our community, monthly sings, annual Christmas banquets, and many, many other activities that promote gospel music in our area.  TGMA's many groups have changed during the past 30 years. We have experienced the loss of several of our dear Christian brothers and sisters in gospel music, but we rejoice to know that they are singing a new song in Heaven.

TGMA believes that music is a vital ministry and we appreciate the support you have given us through the years, It is our prayer that by continuing to lift up the name of Jesus in song, souls will be saved, hearts will be revived and blessed through our efforts.